This research project originated with the Legacy of Wisdom Association, which is dedicated to making wisdom the central theme of aging. Legacy of Wisdom has developed a five-pronged inquiry into the processes of aging. One such subsection, Health & Healthcare, was the catalyst for the development of this mobility intervention and medical research.

Swiss Medical: Since 2011, we have been collaborating with Dr. R. Kressig, Chief of the leading Swiss University Center for Medicine of Aging and Rehabilitation, Felix Platter Hospital in Basel. The Swiss Medical group is specialized using multi-modality interventions for mobility challenges in aging and developing corresponding scientific testing of impact and efficacy. Visit the Felix Platter website to learn more about Dr. Kressig's work.

This collaboration lies at the core to our current research goals. We successfully completed a feasibility study in Basel in 2015. Together, we are developing a randomized control trial (2017-2018) seeking to enhance the efficacy of the intervention model.

Harvard Medical: In 2010, the collaboration with Dr. S. Bhasin at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA began. Dr. Bhasin is a leading U.S. scientist in aging research and his work is forming the next 20 years of official U.S. healthcare response to mobility challenges in aging. Together with his team, including T. Storer, PhD, we investigated a globally oriented multi-modal approach, combining strength, balance, cognition and functional training; we fused western strength training with the multidimensional physical and cognition training of Chinese Medical Tai Ji/Qi Gong. We expect this to be more effective than a single intervention and successfully tested the delivery of the protocol during a multi-modal intervention program in Boston in 2014. These findings have served as the foundation to our current research. See the corresponding articles to Dr. Bhasin’s work on their website.

Chinese Medical: Our longest collaboration stands with Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China. In 2011 and 2015 we developed and hosted specialized medical training programs in Hangzhou focusing on Chinese medicine and aging interventions. We will continue to create these unique learning opportunities as part of our global outreach and research. Learn more about Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medical University.

For almost 45 years, our network has been at the forefront of work between Chinese and Western cultures. This close collaboration allows us to enjoy rigorous training and a high level of education. Such prestigious instruction certifies that the principles of the Tai Ji and Qi Gong, which we bring to our intervention, are authentic, effective, and recognized. Our past training programs have been accepted for continuing medical education credits and we plan additional training in the future.